Last night at the Toastmaster meeting, i was taking double roletakers as a Toastmaster of the meeting (TOM) and the General Evaluator (GE).

As a TOM, my job was to present the speakers for prepared speech and to introduce their Evaluators. There were 4 speakers with 5 prepared speeches last night. And as a GE, my job was to present my evaluation team which were :

🐢 Grammarian — evaluated the grammar from all the speakers
🐢 The Ah-Counter — counted the disturbing sounds that the speaker’s made
🐢 Ballot Counter — counted the vote for the best speaker
🐢 Timekeeper — counted the eligible time for each speaker

Whenever i took part as a roletaker, the president will send me this script. I have to read the basic outline of the speech, but i can improvise also. That’s the good thing so i don’t have to memorize all this speech.. 😅

Why i love Toastmaster is that i can learn not only to speak english in front of the audiences, but also learn the skill and have the courage to do so. And of course how to do it in a good manner. In short, Toastmaster teach us a really excellent public speaking skill.

And as a Mandiri employee, i’ve got the previlege to be the Toastmaster’s member for free.. I can join any Toastmaster’s club i want beside Mandiri Toastmaster club. I can meet many new friends with different background.. 😉 But i have to finish 3 prepare speeches and 3 roletakers in 6 months.. Still, there’s no free lunch.. 😆 it’s a hardwork, too!

But that’s the hardwork that i love! ❤️ – at Mandiri Surabaya Toastmaster

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