29 Februari 2016

On Monday’s Toastmaster Meeting, i was delivered my BM#2 prepared speech project, which titled :

“Breastfeeding Mom at Work is NOT Impossible”

I presented 5-7 minutes speech, without notes, and had to be an organized speech. So tempting! And i became the best individual speaker again based from the attender’s votes! Thank you! ❤️

Left photo :
I got the honour to receive the best individual speaker badge from the President of Mandiri Surabaya Toastmaster, Mbak Oki.. 😊

Up right :
We’ve all got a badge for the best individual speaker, the best table topic speaker and the best evaluator based on attender’s vote! Yayy! 😄🙏🏻

Down right :
Me on action! They’ve called me Breastfeeding Activist 😄😄😄. Awakku reekk.. Luwemuneee ta laahh.. 😂😂😂

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